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The Aurora - Silicone Dog ID Tag

• Silent• Durable• Non Fading• Scratch Resistant• Lightweight (~6g)• Personalized• Comes with SS ...

• Silent
• Durable
• Non Fading
• Scratch Resistant
• Lightweight (~6g)
• Personalized
• Comes with SS Split Ring

The Northwoofs Silicone ID Tags are designed to be functional and yet stylish. They are built to take the daily beating of your dog such as rolling in mud, burying bones and drooling for dinner. The Northwoofs Dog ID Tags are silent, easy to clean and lightweight. In case your furry companion manages to mess it up, just a quick rinse under water will make it look like new. And did we mention that these tags don't fade and are scratch resistant? Pawesome!

'The Aurora' Silicone Dog ID Tag is inspired by the Northern Lights, a dazzling natural phenomenon seen in the sky of the Northern Hemisphere. It's a magical display that fascinates all who see it. Although our 'The Aurora' dog tag isn't as breathtaking, its aztec-inspired pattern will sure catch some attention.

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