Get em before its too late


You LOVE our first generation dog tags?
Get your paws on them before they are gone furever!

All products labeled with B-Goods are sold for a special discount due to minor aesthetic imperfections which don't affect the overall functionality.

  • Eliminate the Noise

    The clangy sounds when your dog runs, shakes, scratches or eats can be the memory of the past.

    Unlike the traditional metal dog tags, Northwoofs tags are made from a soft silicone material, which eliminates the noise when the tag gets in contact with other metal parts of the dog gear.

  • Easy to Clean &Waterproof

    Silicone is no sugar. Sudden downpour won't melt away your tag. In fact, our silicone tags are 100% waterproof and won't absorb any water. If your pup manages to get messy, just a quick rinse under water will make it look like new. Having these waterproof properties also ensures that the tag won't stink.

  • Fadeproof & Durable

    Sometimes dogs can be real piggies, they love playing in mud, digging, swimming and drooling for dinner. Our Silicone tags are built to take the daily beating of your dog. They don't crack or change their shape, can withstand nature's elements such as saltwater, sand, mud, extreme temperature differences and many other things that life throws at your dog. Unlike other pet ID tags, our silicone tags don't fade over time.

  • Ensures Safety

    According to statistics one in three pets will become lost at some point during their life. Northwoofs® dog tags help maximize the chance of a lost dog returninghome safely.

  • Unique as Your Dog

    Show off your dog's personality by customizing both sides of the tag. You can pick one of our premade quotes or customize it on your own completely!

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