Angelina & Mojo

We are Angelina & Mojo! Mojo, my male Australian Shepherd, is 1 year and 9 months old, while I am 31 years old. Thanks to Mojo, I rediscovered my passion for photography. I used to photograph landscapes, but now I've found my heart for wildlife photography, especially dogs and their people. My absolute favorite model? Mojo, of course!

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I grew up with dogs. With our old German Shepherd, I sat cross-legged at her bowl and played with myself “One for me, one for you”. Our last family dog ​​was my soul dog and I thought I would never find one again - but I also couldn't imagine life without a dog - and then I found Mojo.

Mojo is my unconditional mirror, he often shows me how I'm feeling before I know it myself, we pay a lot of attention to each other. We like to fool around, he always makes me laugh. In general he is Prince Charming and has everyone wrapped around his finger. Just like me, he is also super impatient. But just as communicative and sociable as I am. So Mojo is basically my furry reflection.

What I would like to encourage more is mountain biking together. This is the hobby of the three of us. Mojo loves racing down the trails.

The jingling of my dog tag actually annoyed me. When he was a puppy I thought a metal tag is great, so you always know when he was moving around the house. But most of the tags weren't pretty either. That's why I bought the first Northwoofs dog tag pretty quickly after he moved in in August 2022. And then the first set followed.

He still has both to this day. And I think that almost sums up what I love: original design, silent, sustainable and durable! And of course Jeanne & David