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    How are silicone tags different than others?

    Unlike the traditional metal dog tags, Northwoofs tags are made from a soft silicone material, which eliminates the noise when the tag gets in contact with other metal parts of the dog gear.

    Waterproof & Easy to Clean
    Our silicone tags are 100% waterproof and won't absorb any water. If your pup manages to get messy, just a quick rinse under water will make it look like new. Having these waterproof properties also ensures that the tag won't stink.

    Durable & Fadeless
    Sometimes dogs can be real piggies. They love playing in mud, digging, swimming & drooling for dinner. Silicone tags are built to take the daily beating of your dog. They don't crack or change the shape, can withstand extreme temperature differences & have superb scratch resistance.

    How do I take care of my Northwoofs Silicone Dog ID Tag?

    Our dog tags don't require any special care. If your pup manages to get it messy, just a quick rinse under water will make it look like new.

    Can my dog swim with the tag?

    Absolutely, our tags can withstand nature elements such as water, sand, mud, snow, saltwater, high and low temperatures and many other things that life throws at your dog.

    What's the size & weight of the tag?

    The width and height (excluding the loop part) of our silicone ID tags is 36mm (1.4") & it weighs only 7g (0.24oz).

    How do I attach the tag to my dog gear?

    All of our tags come with a free metal split ring that you can use to attach the tag to the d-ring of the dog gear. Simply put the split ring through the tag loop and attach it to where you want it.

    Does the engraving on the tag disappear over time?

    No, our tags are extremely durable, once the tag has been engraved, all the important information such as your phone number or ID number is there to stay.

    What to do if my dog lost the tag?

    If your dog lost the ID tag, please contact us, we will help you to investigate the individual case and find a reasonable solution. Our dog tags don't break under normal use circumstances. Avoid clipping the dog leash hook into the split ring of the dog tag. Sometimes it can happen that the leash hook accidentally clips on the D-ring of the dog gear at the same time as the split ring loop. In such case if the dog pulls, it puts too much stress on the little silicone loop of the dog tag and it can break the loop. We recommend using a collar which has a separate ring for attaching a dog tag to minimize the possibility of a mistake. Also, please never pull your dog forcefully by the silicone ID tag. It's not what dog tags are designed for.


    How long does it take to process and ship my order?

    The time we need to prepare your order for shipping varies. All of our products are made by us in our small workshop. Processing time depends on the seasonality and the current demand.

    Production time estimates:
    Silicone Dog ID tags = 1-3 working days
    Dog Collars = 7-14 working days

    Our products include FREE Priority Mail Shipping Worldwide. All orders are shipped from Europe, we aim to get all orders delivered within 1-3 weeks, depending on the time of the year. We will endeavour to keep you informed about your order.

    Available Shipping Methods Worldwide:
    Untracked: 1-3 weeks - Free
    Tracked: 1-3 weeks - €3.49
    Express (EU Only): 4-7 working days - €18

    Do you ship Internationally?

    Yes, in fact, we pride ourselves by offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders WORLDWIDE.
    Orders are shipped from Latvia - Europe. For most countries, shipments are delivered in 1–3 weeks.

    If you wish to track your parcel along the way, please choose paid shipping option at the checkout. If you order consists of 3 or more items, the parcel will be shipped as tracked automatically.

    How do I track my order?

    We'll send you an email when your order ships along with tracking number.

    Orders consisting of 1-2 items are shipped untracked. If you wish to have a tracking option, please select a paid shipping option at the checkout. If you order consists of 3 or more items, the parcel will be shipped as tracked automatically.

    Do you accept returns or exchanges?

    Due to nature of our personalised products, they can not be returned for a refund or exchange unless they are damaged, defective or sent to you in error. If that is the case, please contact us and we will find a solution.


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