Carly & Malu

I'm Carly and I'm a passionate dog blogger and animal photographer. I love traveling through Europe in a roof tent with my dog ​​Malu. We do a lot of outdoor activities together and go horseback riding.

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We are Carly & Malu from the dog blog TotalBeshepherd. Malu is an Australian Shepherd girl and is 4 years old and I am 28. Together we love traveling with the roof tent, going outside, going horseback riding and traveling to Sweden.

Malu is my childhood dream come true, which I was finally able to fulfill during my studies. What makes us special is our bond and thirst for adventure; Malu is by my side in almost everything I do.

Malu and I do canicross, go jogging & cycling together. In winter we also like to go skiing in the forest.

What I love about Northwoofs is that it is completely adventureproof for all of our adventures. The dog leash is particularly practical because I always have my hands free, whenever I go jogging, hiking or during our walks. But I also really love the tags because they are a piece of jewelry that you can see very well despite Malu's long fur.