Liz, Bailey & Kaito

I'm Lizanne, 32 years old and I come from the beautiful north of Germany. Because of my job as a web designer, I work from home and also run the Instagram account “kupferpfoten”, which allows me to fully express my creativity through both tasks. To balance things out, I like to spend time in nature with my two Australian Shepherds, Bailey (5 years) and Kaito (3 years).


My grandparents had a Chow Chow and my mother later had a Sheltie. A life without a dog was never an option for me. When I moved into our first apartment with my wife, the day came when I moved my work from the office to home and so our dog Bailey moved in very soon in 2018.

I have a very close bond with both Bailey and Kaito. No matter whether we are looking for adventure outside or lying together on the couch at home. This balance is something that defines us, because I think we are a very balanced team.

We have already tried out a lot of action: mantrailing, dummy training, lunging, obedience, but our passion is: canicross. I am very grateful to Kaito for being such a perfect training partner for me. Canicross is more than just running with a dog. We are a team and have to look after each other in order to be able to give our all. Only flying is more beautiful!

As a graphic designer and photographer, I attach great importance to beautiful design that is also functional and high quality. Northwoofs combines this in their products and for me it is the go-to equipment for our varied everyday life. Even after years of use, everything still looks like it did on the first day.