Malene & Keela

Hi! I’m Malene, a 31 year-old self-employed photographer, content creator and social media manager in Denmark! By my side, you’ll find Keela, my 6 year old border collie mix, who is one of the big reasons why I got back into photography! Together we have a blast training and doing Canicross and K9-Biathlons, though we also thoroughly enjoy a good cuddle on the couch, where you’ll also often find me with a book in my hands!


I grew up with dogs (that’s where my love for dogs and training started), so when I moved away from home, despite being able to visit my family and family dogs, I was missing something with four paws by my side, so when I finally got a dog friendly apartment, I started looking - and found the cutest, little bean: Keela.

Keela is absolutely my heart dog - and she is everything I hoped for and more. Now 6, she and I have tried lots of different things, including road trips across Europe and several sports, though we mostly focus on rally obedience, nose work and trick training - whatever is fun for Keela!

She’s such a precious little girl, who does the best head tilts when trying to decipher exactly what I’m saying and even more so when I say words that excite her (like snack, family members’ names and feather) and she never ceases to make me smile and laugh throughout the day. From her silly, lovable behavior to her enthusiastic rolling, she’s just a blast to hang out with.

Because Keela and I go on tons of different adventures, from beach trips to cities and mountains, and she doesn’t shy away from water or rolling in wet grass, I care a lot about what gear I use for her.

Northwoofs is not only beautiful and customizable, but the fact that I get high quality gear that super easy to wash and that I don’t have to worry about getting dirty or wet is what makes it go-to gear for me! Plus I’ve become obsessed with the silent tags - I honestly cannot imagine going back to regular, noisy tags after using Northwoofs tags!