Multi QuickLead™

    Multi QuickLead™

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    Length Example:
    Length of the chosen leash 190cm
    Model shown in the Video:
    Body measurements 1,74 cm height, Over Shoulders 105cm, Waist 70 cm, Hips 96 cm
    Dog Shown in the Video: English Setter, 65cm height

    Like all our gear, our dog leashes are built from the highest quality materials to ensure safety, easy of use, comfort and performance for even the wildest adventures.

    All leashes are made from Biothane, it's a material that looks and feels almost like leather, but actually is a textile product with a special coating, making it virtually indestructible, waterproof and easy to clean. Produced exclusively in the USA.


    To ensure easy of use, longevity and aesthetics our gear, we use trail tested side release buckles made from Acetal. It's an advanced type of plastic that is more superior than regular plastic. Our buckles are produced by a company who invented and revolutionized the closure industry.

    Other Fittings

    We use heavy duty Stainless Steel / Solid Brass hardware and Chicago screws for a strong and secure connections.


    After careful testing, we found out that the 3/4" (2cm) width is the perfect size for a comfortable grip and has enough strength to hold up to even the biggest pullers.

    Our leash is available in 4 different lengths: 170cm, 190cm, 210cm, 230cm
    Measured fully open.

    Measuring Instructions

    To ensure that the leash has the right length for you and your dog we recommend to measure the circumference over the shoulder (cross-body) plus additional length until where the leash attaches to your dog. Make sure to leave enough space for additional clothes based on the season.
    In case you only want to wear the leash around your hips, take the measurement of your hips, plus additional length until where the leash attaches to your dog.